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 AJC is a community minded church that believes that they are the hands and feet of Christ used to reach a world that needs Jesus. AJC is place of purpose, immersed in powerful worship and then engaged by the teaching of the living Word of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

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Audio Production


 The Audio Production Team oversees live sound, audio recording and audio post-production.  The staff on the Audio Production Team would love the opportunity to train up new volunteers. 

Lighting Production


 Working closely with Video Production and Staging, the Lighting Production Team works very hard each week to ensure that our Gatherings look amazing, both in person and on video.  Whether it be adjusting a light or programming on a lighting console, the Lighting Production Team is a great opportunity to serve for people who have a good eye and like to work hard 

Video Production


 Whether it be running a camera for the live video stream or creatively producing a video that will be used online and in our Gatherings, the Video Production Team presents a variety of opportunities to volunteer for creative minded people. 

Photography Team


 Whether you are an experienced professional photographer or an enthusiast, we can use your help in this area.  We employ a team of photographers to capture most of our major events in order to provide content for our various social media outlets, website and publications 

Live streaming


Live Streaming requires the operator to balance the needs of the audiences you serve. Each shot you take comes at the expense of others. Close-ups provide detail for the live audience, while wide shots provides context for the internet viewer.  Mastering these fundamentals will enhance the viewers experience.

Social Media


 Inspiring media can lift pressure from the teaching pastor's shoulders of having to bring all the creativity to the worship experience. Just as importantly, powerful testimony films illustrate the ways lives are being changed through your ministry. 

Volunteers Needed

AJC Sound & Media is a ministry made up of mostly volunteers. There can be as many as 10 AJC volunteers serving at an event in a variety of areas. Please let us know if you are interested in being a part of the AJC team by filling out this form: Be sure to include in which way you would like to help: Audio / lighting / Video / Photography / Social Media / or Live Streaming Production.

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